Leg Year - 2021-2022

AB 2621 will help discourage EDD fraud by requiring EDD applicants and their former employers to sign acknowledgments that they understand they may be subject to specified penalties if they willfully make false statements or representations on their EDD forms.
AB 2640 provides parents, caregivers, teachers, and schools with access to an easily accessible online resource guide that outlines best practices and methods for reducing the likelihood of student allergic reactions at school.
AB 2640 would create the California Food Allergy Resource internet web page to provide school districts, parents, caregivers and students with necessary information to keep students with food allergies safe at school.
AB 2803 provides individuals and businesses with a tax credit if they use or offer their employees childcare services in order to help offset the rising costs of childcare in California.
AB 2803 would establish a child care tax credit equal to 25% of the contributions towards child care.
ACA 10 would freeze UC tuition until the 2027-2028 academic year.