Leg Year - 2021-2022

AB 1847 will ensure that crime victims can have their voice heard in a resentencing hearing and that a victim’s family members will have fewer administrative hurdles to participating in parole hearings.
AB 2384 will provide school districts with more funding to implement evidence-based tools that are proven to improve safety and reduce instances of violence on school campuses.
AB 2450 requires the Department of Insurance to fully evaluate the home insurance affordability issues facing residents in high wildfire risk areas and determine what solutions can help reduce premiums for residents.
AB 2450 require the Insurance Commissioner to convene a working group to study the feasibility, potential implications, and advisability of allowing insurers to offer homeowners insurance policies that include a deductible for covered losses resulting from wildfires.
AB 2462 will help streamline bureaucratic transportation planning requirements to help support the development of tens of thousands of new homes in Santa Clarita.
AB 2591 reduces costs for homeless service providers and helps get more unhoused individuals off the streets by limiting the liability of nonprofits that offer shelter and services to the homeless.
AB 2591 would exempt a nonprofit charitable organization that provides services to homeless persons from civil liability for an injury occurring on its premises.
AB 2620 offers small businesses that allow their employees to telecommute a tax credit of $1,000 per employee and offset any potential lost revenue with money from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
AB 2620 would provide small businesses a tax credit of $1,000 per employee who telecommutes to work.
AB 2621 deters individuals from filing fraudulent unemployment claims by requiring EDD to include a signature notice on their unemployment forms that making purposefully false statements will incur penalties or criminal charges.