Leg Year - 2021-2022

AB 90 will help California better protect the credit of vulnerable foster youth. Currently, county welfare agents are only able to request credit freezes for foster youth who have proof of stolen identity or are under 16 years of age. AB 90 will extend this credit freeze eligibility to all foster youth who are under 18 years of age.
AB 91 will help provide relief to California’s struggling small businesses by reducing the annual $800 minimum franchise tax to $400 for small businesses and to $200 for micro businesses.
AB 217 creates a back to school sales tax holiday weekend in the summer of 2022, in which families would not pay sales tax on designated back to school items. The measure will lower costs for California families who are preparing their children for the new school year.
AB 267 will allow California to continue carrying out streamlined, wildfire prevention projects in federal forests by indefinitely extending an existing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption for prescribed fire, thinning, or fuel reduction projects that are on federal lands and have already been reviewed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
AB 277 would require the application form and related notices for California’s Safe at Home program and the Judicial Council’s form relating to domestic violence restraining orders to be available in at least five languages. The bill was passed and signed into law.
The Saugus Strong Act creates a 24/7 hotline for students, teachers, administrators, and parents to anonymously report problematic behavior on campus in order to intervene in bullying, potential suicide, and on-campus violence.
AB 319 will help California guard against foreign interference in state and local elections by prohibiting campaign donations from foreign governments and principals. The bill was passed and signed into law.
AB 321 will ensure children from homes in which the primary language is not English are eligible for priority enrollment in state childcare services and preschools. This measure increases access to these services for dual-language learners, helps them better acquire English language proficiency, and successfully prepares them for K-12.  
AB 418 will appropriate $100 million to fund the Community Power Resiliency grant program that supports the continuity of critical services in communities experiencing public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) events. The bill passed out of both the Assembly and the Senate, but was vetoed by the Governor.
AB 1846 provides crime victims with reasonable notice and reimbursement for legal fees for parole hearings if a county district attorney does not send a representative to the hearing.