Asm. Valladares Adjourns in Memory of William Reynolds

The Santa Clarita Valley lost a hero this month. William L. Reynolds was a Vietnam veteran in the Charlie Company of the 4th/47th, 9th Infantry Division. He was one of the famous “Boys of ’67” chronicled in the 2012 book by Dr. Andrew Wiest and the basis of a National Geographic documentary, “Brothers in War.”

Being a Veteran, Bill was an unwavering, strong advocate for the Santa Clarita Valley’s military veterans working continuously to advocate for his fellow military brothers and sisters.

He was president of the Santa Clarita Valley Veterans Memorial. He was the man behind the establishment of the Fallen Warrior Monument, a memorial wall honoring the Santa Clarita Valley’s military veterans, both known and unknown, at the Veterans Historical Plaza in Newhall.

Bill spent two years searching through our local newspaper’s archives to find accounts of Santa Clarita Valley residents who died during conflicts defending their nation, finding nearly 50 to memorialize on the granite monument.

Quite simply, Bill Reynolds helped tell the stories of the war heroes who resided here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Today we honor him as a Veteran who gave a part of himself for his nation. And we admire all the work he’s done for those who fought with him and before him. Bill will be greatly missed.